written and read by Steve Lambert


A man in a hurry gets more than he bargained for when he takes a shortcut through Arnos Vale Cemetery. He encounters a mischievous stone angel, who leads him on a fantastical journey - one with a startling destination.


  The Angel, Arnos Vale.  Photo by William Datson



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LIVE LAUNCH  1st May 2010 in The Anglican Chapel, Arnos Vale



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More travel directions for visiting the cemetery, including parking restrictions and public transport links, can be found on the Arnos Vale website.


Start by Bath Road Motorcycles on Bath Road. Cross to the cemetery.

Take the path left past the noticeboard, past the Anglican Chapel, then right to the graves with two stone angels.

Continue right, then left past the Garden of Rest. Take the path forking to the right.

Then take the path on the right, opposite the grave of a Norwegian seaman. Continue up to the edge of the cemetery.

Go up towards the backs of houses, then turn left until meeting a tarmac road, known as Richard Smith Road.

Turn right and go up to the gates leading to Cemetery Road. Then continue up a path to the right of a derelict lodge.

The path curves to the left, into the upper cemetery. Stop at a large stone cross, known as the Cross of Sacrifice.

Then take the path to the left that leads past war graves in what is known as Sailors’ Corner.

Stop at a brick wall, then go right until you reach a gap. Go through the gap and turn right until you reach some black railings.

Turn left, going along the wall that divides Arnos Vale from the Catholic cemetery. Then join the path that curves round to the front of the Anglican Chapel.

Continue past the two stone angels, then turn left until you reach a large Western Cedar Tree just beyond the gate to the Garden of Rest.


Heads & Tales thanks Bristol City Council and the Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust for their assistance with the creation of this story, which was recorded by Tony Chamberlain at the studios of Bristol Community FM.  Photograph of The Angel, Arnos Vale by William Datson.