written and read by Amy Mason


Take in some fascinating landmarks as young Caroline tries to unravel her past and her links to the infamous Princess Caraboo. From the place where the 'Princess' spent the last years of her life (selling leeches to the BRI) to the pretty, overgrown churchyard where she now lies in an unmarked grave, this story has more twists and turns than the walk itself.

    Hebron Burial Ground, Bedminster.  Photo by William Datson



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Start your walk at 11 Princess Street (Eastman and Co Timber Ltd.), by the blue plaque.

With the plaque on your right walk to the end of the road and turn left down Whitehouse Street.

Continue down Whitehouse Street until you reach Philip Street (on the other side of the road). Go down Philip Street, past the farm, until the end of the road, and turn left onto East Street.

Walk along East Street until the end of the road and then cross over and go up British Road (directly in front of you). Continue until you reach Hebron Road turn right here until you reach Hebron House.

The churchyard, next to the house, is where Princess Caraboo is buried. Her grave is unmarked.


Heads & Tales thanks Bristol City Council for assistance with the creation of this story, which was recorded by Tony Chamberlain. Photograph of Hebron Burial Ground by William Datson.